How to Make a Marshmallow Gun

MarshMallow FUN

This is a great toy that families can make for just a few dollars in parts. It will take grown-ups and kids because there is cutting involved.

It shoots tiny marshmallows. It is a fun and safe toy and we have complete instructions for you.


First thing we need to talk about is how to be safe because no toy is fun if someone gets hurt.

  • This project involves the use of a hacksaw or PVC cutter. Children under 14 should get Mom or Dad to help with the cutting.
  • Get someone to hold the pipe in place while you’re cutting it – that reduces the movement of the pipe, making it easier and safer to cut.
  • Marshmallows may be soft, squishy things of joy, but when traveling at high speeds they can hurt. Never aim for anyone’s face.
  • Make sure you don’t inhale your marshmallow. Try not to touch your tongue to it, either – moisture makes marshmallows sticky, which makes them harder to clean up.
  • Always wear eye protection while building and playing with this toy.
  • Be careful with this marshmallow gun. Marshmallows are soft but if someone is hit with the gun itself it will hurt.

What You Will Need

  • 38 inches of half-inch PVC pipe Cut into:
    • Six 5-inch sections
    • One 8-inch section
  • 2 half-inch PVC elbow joints
  • 2 half-inch PVC T-shaped joints
  • 2 half-inch PVC end caps
  • Hacksaw or PVC Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Permanent marker
  • Decorations (tape, stickers, paint, markers, etc)
  • Miniature marshmallows
  • Eye protection

Making the Toy

PVC Cutter

  • Use a ruler to mark off six 5-inch sections of pipe and one 8-inch sections of pipe.
  • Cut the pipe (this can either be done with a hacksaw or with a special PVC cutting tool available at most hardware or home-improvement stores).



  • Lay out all pieces as shown. Insert pieces. Do not glue PVC because it will need to come apart later to clean sticky marshmallow goo out.
  • Decorate using colorful tape, stickers, markers, paint, or whatever you want. Diluting white glue with water will result in a clear-drying liquid perfect for decoupage. This mixture can also be used as a varnish/sealant to keep marker ink from rubbing off, paint from flaking off and stickers from falling off.
  • Colored duct tape or electrical tape works well and is much easier.

Firing Marshmallows

To fire the gun:

  • Place a mini-marshmallow in the opening of the small pipe on top of the gun.
  • Take a deep breath BEFORE you put your mouth up to the gun (NEVER ong>) take a breath after you put your mouth on the gun because you could suck a marshmallow down your throat and choke.
  • Blow hard into the opening that you just put a marshmallow into.
  • Marshmallow will shoot out of the barrel.


  • If marshmallow does not fire:
    • Take gun apart to check for obstructions.
    • Moisture (especially saliva) can accumulate in the toy and cause the marshmallow to stick.
  • If PVC pieces are too tight to fit together liquid soap can provide lubrication.
  • If PVC pieces are too loose to stay together a single wrap of masking tape around the pipe can provide the needed friction to keep pieces together.
  • Wash PVC parts if they become sticky.

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