Five Ways to Learn a Bible Memory Verse

BrainLearning Bible verses is one of the best things you can do. A lot of times you need to learn them for Sunday School or Vacation Bible School, but sometimes it is good just to learn them on your own.

Maybe your whole family could learn verses together.

Here are five good ways to learn Bible verses.

1) Read the verse aloud making sure that you know what each word means and can pronounce each word.

Do not just read silently. Your brain will actually learn by forming the words and hearing your voice say the words.

After you know how to say each word and know what each word means read the verse 10 times aloud.

2) Say the verse to someone else. Let them look at the Bible but you don’t look. Tell them that if you hesitate or miss a word to let you finish or keep trying until you ask for their help. Sometimes the struggle in our brain is part of the learning process.

3) Get 3″ X 5″ cards (you can buy these at an office supply store or cut your own out of paper). Write each word of the verse on a different card. Shuffle the cards then put them in the right order. It helps to place all the cards on a table where you can slide them around. Then you can easily try different combinations.

4) After you feel like you know the verse pretty well, write the verse. Write it five times.

5) Write the verse on a 3″ X 5″ card and carry it with you so you can practice each day. By the time you get to this step you will know the verse pretty well. By going over it each day you will learn it even better. It won’t be something you just learn for a little while and forget soon but you will really know it.

BONUS: Ok. So far all five tips work for memorizing anything. If you have a science test or have to learn the lines for a play that will work. Here is the most important tip. Pray that God will let you learn the verse and do what it says. Learning Bible verses is different than just learning facts. It changes you and prayer helps that happen.

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