How to Make Your Own Stress Ball

How to Make Your Own Stress Ball

Squeezing a stress ball can relieve stress but it can just be fun. Here is are quick, easy and free instructions to make your own stress ball.

The idea for this stress ball comes to us from our friends at Instructables. Most of the photos were already in their data base.

Starting of a stress ball projectThese instructions will describe the easy way to make your own stress relief.

It is also great for juggling. It is the right weight and size (especially for small hands like kids have.) They are weighted and won’t roll when you drop them. They are so cheap you can make two more and have a really good set of juggling bags).

This is an easy way to make a stress ball. (Don’t forget, they are great for juggling)

step 1 -What You’ll Need

Don’t worry, all of the can be found in most households.

You will need the following:

  • -party balloons
  • -flour
  • -funnel
  • -scissors

Picutre of a Stress Ball and Supplies

step 2- Stretch the Balloon

Inflated balloonUsing your mouth or a pump blow air into the balloon so that it inflates and stretches.

Let the air out of the balloon.

You want to make it soft and easy to work with. Later we will make sure it is strong.

step 3- Fill it with Flour

Items to Make Stress Ball

Using your funnel fill the balloon with flour. Make sure to be holding the end of the balloon tightly to avoid aStress Bll Almost finished mess.

Stop putting flour in the balloon when it reaches the neck.

Don’t fill the neck.

Tie the into a knot to stop the flour from getting out of the balloon.

OPTIONAL: You can use rice for a nice heavy bumpy stress ball. A lot of people prefer the feel of corn starch in the stress ball. Remember cor
n starch
NOT corn meal.

step 4 -Making It Strong Enough to Play With

Balloon with neck removed

Take another balloon (it may be of a different color, if you want.

The final result will not be affected except that the last balloon you use will be the color of your stress ball.

Meghan (Totally Delicious Food girl) and I made one with a great cheetah print.

When you have your balloon for the outside sellected, cut most of the neck of using scissors.

Stretch the second balloon over the first one as a second layer.Covering stress ball with a balloon

The second layer will help prevent the dispersion of flour all over the place in the event a hole would appear.

You can put more and more layers of balloons. It will make the stress ball stronger but it will also take a lot more effort to squeeze it. Get creative and do what YOU want.

Brightly Colored Stress Balls

You may have things that bother you, but mostly this is just a fun ball for juggling and playing with.

If you hare having serious stress talk to your parents about it. Talk to you Sunday School teacher or youth minister about it.

Remember, Jesus offers a better way to relive stress than just squeezing a balloon ball.

Cast all your anxiety on him [God] because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7

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